Gladden Darkfell, Katarina the Dragonslayer, and Camber the land dragon aren’t far ahead of their pursuers, but Gladden doesn’t seem to mind…

I’m pretty excited about where this story is headed, because in the next few updates the sci-fi, steampunk side of the story will at least become much more apparent. I was a little leery at first with respect to the idea of backtracking 70 years or so from the Fetters of Wizardry storyline to tell this tale, but I felt like FoW needed the background, and that it would give me a chance to get to know the characters a little better. I probably sound a little weird now, but hey… ever run into a ‘normal’ fantasy writer? :P

I’m also pretty stoked about how my art has improved over the last year, and I’m hoping to continue to that trend… I’m swinging for the fences, but I am still entertaining the dream of one day approaching the black and white mastery of Gene Colan or Jeff Smith..

Stay tuned for more action and adventure! Next week’s update gets the action going!

In other news, the tales of Katarina’s origin, Dragonslayer, is just 3 chapters from DONE! A few friends have promised to contribute to the project directly, so we’re about 1/4 to our goal now. Check out our Indiegogo campaign here.