While most of the larger dragons now living in Pellorea are thought to have come from the continent of Ra’kash to the northwest, it is now known that at least once species of dragon is native, that being the ner’gash, or land dragon. There are several dragon species, which vary greatly in size, color, intelligence and ability, the most notable of whom are as follows:

Ku’vash: The very largest of the dragons, it is from this species that the great dragon lords spring. The largest living ku’vash is the Dragon Lord Ceranyx, who is over three hundred feet in length. Their fire is said in some cases to be able to melt many kinds of rock when applied in sustained bursts.

Kaal’ash: Great, slender flying dragons, the kaal’ash are prominent in the Covenant. They can be over one hundred feet long, and possess considerable fire. The most famous of them was the Sun Dragon El-Nasser, so named because of the brilliant gold color of his scales.

Myrl’ash: Known as the Snapdragons, these are rarely larger than a housecat. They can fly, possess fire, and are rumored to be able to teleport over small distances. They are considered unintelligent, or at least silly in their disposition, and are known to be somewhat mischievous. They are nominal members of the Covenant only, though upon occasion one will represent them in meetings of the Elder Dragons.

Ner’gash: Land dragons, rarely larger than a bear, they are flightless, stocky, and powerful. They are well-known for their violent disposition and are thought to be less intelligent than the greater dragons. They can be as much as one hundred feet in length.

Nur’ash: Dragons of the sea. Some of these can fly, but most prefer to spend most of their time in the open sea, most particularly in the Eastern Deeping. They are nominal members of the Covenant, and do not often interact with the dragons of the mainland.