Very little is known about the ancient history of the dragons, but what follows here is a faithful account gleaned from what few records still available, and fragments of stories shared on occasion by the dragons themselves.

In an age long past, before even the elves had awakened in the world, a group of dragons came across the turbulent waters of the Sea of Tekoa. Some say that they fled war, and others believe that a dread pestilence was the cause for their departure from Rakash. There is another theory, that the dragons were sent from Beyond by Kurumarrak, the Creator, to watch over the land and defend it from dark powers from Outside, but only the dragons themselves know the truth of this matter, and keep this knowledge among their many secrets.

For some time, they flourished, but as the other races began to multiply, some of the dragons hunted them as prey, and others still ravaged their lands, plundering as they went, always in search of gold, precious things, and magical artifacts. It is believed by the scholars of Arsa that dragons are capable of using gold and precious stones as conductors, drawing magic to them, which in turn is thought to be among the reasons for their long lifespans. During this time, many dragons became quite wicked, and all the races of the continent began to kill them. The ancient study of magic, and many of the more powerful magical artifacts in existence are often attributed to having their origins in that particular age.
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