Living  mainly in the jungles of Tekoa, the myrl’ash are the smallest of the dragon species, being no larger than a housecat. They are commonly referred to as ‘snapdragons’ because of their bright colors and their ability to teleport over short distances, which they are known to use for hunting as well as for instigating trouble. According to their legends, a number of them fled to Tekoa from Ra’kash to escape predation by the larger dragons. However, it should be noted that the other dragons deny this, and insist that the myrl’ash are all liars.

Though they were accorded full status within the Covenant, they are not bound by it, and they rarely send emissaries to its councils. The dragon elders have in recent years admitted that this is fine by them, since the snapdragons’proclivity for mischief has often resulted in no small amount of trouble.

The myrl’ash are usually considered to be silly and stupid, though the Elves are certain that they are quite clever but given to mischievous behavior. They are regarded as a nuisance, and were widely hunted until they began to keep to the wilderness of Tekoa, where, for reasons unknown to the wider world, the ape-like Tachmonites have taken to protecting them. It is generally agreed that to harm a snapdragon in Tekoa is among the surest forms of suicide presently known.