Mag·ic /ˈmajik/

The power of apparently influencing the course of events through mysterious or supernatural means.

With so broad a definition, it can be supposed that magic could include technology which is not fully understood, as well as power based on supplication to gods, and so on. However, in general, in the world of Pellorea, magic is also the word used to describe a type of magnetism emanating from the planet’s core. Some individuals of specific attunement are able to interact with, direct, and focus these energies, and those who are able to do so with great skill or power are often referred to as magicians. Among the elves it is believed that such attunements are a gift from Kurrumarak, the Maker of all things, and that such gifts are to be used for good.

Because of the Fetters of Wizardry, it is now very rare for someone to be born with any significant magical power. Those who work magic must now take great care and spend much time in preparing anything more than a minor cantrip. There are some who collect fire gems, a diamond-like mineral with many useful properties, among which is the ability to absorb the faint magical energy still to be had in the world. The rare fire gems can to a degree be used to supply power, but are dangerous for the untrained, and gems of sufficient size and attunement to be used for stronger magics are few.

There are, of course, those who use magic for evil purposes, from petty witchcraft and divination to the more dangerous sorcery and necromancy. While the Fetters of Wizardry have weakened all but the most ancient of magical artifacts, and most innate magical ability is now weak indeed, practitioners of the dark arts are known to try to acquire powerful artifacts, fire gems, or even dragon bones and eggshell fragments to fuel their spells. Because of the ability of dragons to draw and absorb magic, their bones, eggshells, and eggs are coveted by dark magicians, though both the elves and the dragons regard such use as abomination. The most notable among these are the shadowcasters, so named because their bond with demonic spirits causes them to appear to emanate darkness.