The swarthy Men of Ulai have grown spices and herbs of many kinds since before Harkad saw the rise of its first emperor. Their lands are said to be excellent for vineyards and farmlands, and though many of them have long tilled the earth, the true wealth of their land is in cinnamon, basil, pepper, garlic, sweet sevhria, cohannum, and many others, but among their herbs none is as valued as kurupaya, of which there are several varieties. The pale kurupaya is known to have medicinal and healing properties which are believed to be magical by some, and alchemic to others.

The medicinal varieties are grown commonly enough to be traded widely throughout the Harkad Empire and beyond, but the cultivation of the far more potent pale one is a secret closely guarded by a handful of families known as the Ui Niall. They have distilled a number of tinctures and potions from it, and have even made a virulent poison from its roots, which does not kill, but instead inflicts its victim with crippling pain. It is believed that one of the progenitors of the Ulai had commanded his sons to never kill a man unless at the utmost need, and that it is for this reason that kurujanga, as the poison is called, is not deadly, but instead  its effects can sometimes be felt for days, weeks, and even years.

The Ulai speak a harsh, throaty dialect among themselves, and rarely deign to speak in the language of others, or even in the Common speech. They have instead developed an elaborate system of hand gestures which they use among strangers to great effect. They are mostly small in stature compared to most Men, but their knowledge of poisons and their skill with blowguns has for some time kept them free of the predations of pirates along their coast and from all invaders, including the Harkad Empire, which annexed Ulai by the consent of its ruling elders rather than through open warfare in 6017. Relations between the Empire and Ulai remain stable, and it is generally suspected that Ulai was the origin of the poisons so frequently used in the endless intrigues of the Empire.