The West of Pellorea has long been inhabited by a number of peoples, some of which are ancient indeed, and most of which are regarded to have existed before the rise of Men. They include:

Carmelites: A large, nomadic people who look like badgers.

Dragons: One of the most ancient of races, with several major species, including ku’vash, kaa’lash, nur’ash, ner’gash, and myrl’ash. They vary greatly in size, appearance, and demeanor, from the tiny myrl’ash (also called Snapdragons), to the vast Ku’vash, from whom spring the great dragon lords.

Elves: An ancient race, now diverged into three distinct types – Bawarra, Borinken, and Melloren.

Kaladim: Hill giants, mainly from the valley of Goshen

Krog: Commonly known as ogres, an old and powerful people known for their stoicism and pragmatism.

Menelek: Perhaps the eldest of the races, widely thought to have vanished entirely.

Tachmonites: A powerful, apelike people.