“The Kaladim do not trouble themselves with the world beyond their borders, but they keep a steady eye on it.”
–Arrikhan d’Goshen

The Kaladim are a large and hardy folk, usually three meters in height, and they dwell in the valley of Goshen to the west, from which comes the source of the great rivers Mellor and Essor that water the forest of Melloren. They are said to live longer than Men, sometimes living more than two hundred years, and are known to be calm in their demeanor.

They are sometimes deemed to be a matriarchal culture, but this is in error. Their society is ruled by elders, both male and female, and the elders will choose one in every generation to lead their people. In the last three generations, these have been Matriarchs, the most notable of whom was Kadima, mother of Arrikhan.

Their culture is one which places great value on art and music, and the keeping of flocks, and they are said to have lived without war since the Covenant was made. Though they are peaceful, they are strong, and even in the dark years before the Covenant, the few dragons who entered their lands met with a swift death.

The Kaladim have long isolated themselves from the rest of Pellorea, though in brighter times they sometimes visited the Obsidian Throne, and they are reputed to have assisted in building Cador’s Stronghold, which until perhaps a century ago trained whoever was willing in the arts of combat to keep the western borders of Melloren and Bawarra against the fear of Dragons from Ra ‘khash, though none have come for nearly one thousand years. At this present time they have once again closed their lands to outsiders, and none have ventured forth openly in decades.