“The Menelek have hid themselves so well as to be thought to be creatures of legend, and it is for this reason that we must view them as a threat to our designs.”
–Mossar Khal, High Inquisitor of the Stone Prophets

Small of stature and secretive, the Menelek have lived in Pellorea since the elder days, and no one is certain as to whether they were the First to awaken, though it is apparent that they have been present at least as long as the Elves. They are most often little more than half a meter in height, and their true appearance is unknown, for they wear loose, shapeless clothing and wear hoods and masks so that their faces are never seen. Both the Elves and the Dragons agree that the Menelek heave four digits on each hand, and they speak with the voices of Men.

They are reputed to be skilled in the ways of magic, and their Elder Magisters are noted as among the most powerful mages throughout history, though few Magisters has appeared openly since the Desolation. The Magisters were instrumental in the creation of the Covenant, and are believed to have been quietly involved in many other matters of historical import.

Often attributed to the Menelek are the Way Stations, magical arrays of standing stones which, before the building of the fetters, are said to have been used to travel great distances by magic. Since the Desolation, most have fallen into ruin, but rumors persist that some have become functional from time to time. A recurring account that is consistent throughout the continent is that the places in which they were built are thought to be holy ground, and often used by travelers as camps because very few of even the wickedest creatures willingly set foot within them.

Little is known of their society, but it is told among the Elves that the Menelek are believed to be a holy people long ago consecrated to the service of the Creator, and that they are known to true in all their dealings. It is also suspected that a great many of them were slain during the Desolation, and that there are very few remaining in the world.

They are seen so rarely now that they are widely thought to be a legend only.