Though the Rephaim are giants, they are not kin to the peaceful giants of Goshen in the West. The have lived long in the cold plateaus of Norosh, and for many centuries they have made war on the Krog and other peoples of Pellorea. They are very great in stature, commonly four to five meters in height, and are usually pale or ashen of countenance.  They are a warlike people, and known for an evil temperament, being quick to anger and taking delight in torture and cruelty.

There is not much known of their culture, though their name being interpreted is “the fallen,” and so there are some tales of their once having been a noble and upright people who descended into a malicious barbarism. They are, however known to be cunning in the working of metals, and are credited with the creation of several weapons of legend. Of these, two remain in open use. Desolation, Mace of the Waning Moon, was captured by the Bawarra many years ago and is kept by the clan lord Daku. The other is the Blade of Ashkelon, a massive broadsword which no coward can wield. It is presently in the possession of Gladden Darkfell.

Some years ago, the Rephaim were dealt a lasting defeat by the Krog, and now wander their vast icy lands in bitterness, waiting for a day when their numbers will allow them a terrible vengeance.