“The primals have been here longer than the elves, but they lack ambition. They may prove useful to us, though they are hardly more than apes.”
–Mossar Khal, High Inquisitor of the Stone Prophets

The Tachmonites have roamed the ancient wilderness of  Tekoa since before the dragons crossed the sea, and are often thought to be apes because of their stooped posture and heavy facial features. They are, however, an intelligent people, thought to be the descendants of a long-fallen empire, older perhaps even than the dragons themselves and fallen into a quiet barbarism. The wilderness in which they live as hunter-gatherers contains many secrets, among which are crumbling ageless ruins and massive totems of stone carved with Tachmonite faces. No one outside of Tekoa knows the history of these ruined cities and monuments, and if the Tachmonites know they do not speak of it to others.

They stand perhaps a meter and a half high when stooped, using their knuckles when running on all fours, and are usually about two meters tall when rearing upright. Their skin is covered in a short dense fur that is violet in color, and their have jet black hair that runs from their head halfway down the spine. Their hands and feet bear claws that are known to cut through chain mail, and their ages of climbing and living in the trees have given them such strength that they do not use weapons, and seem to believe that they have no need of them. It is their strength and agility which make this otherwise peaceful race formidable in combat, and it is often said that a Tachmonite is worth 10 heavily armed soldiers on the battlefield. Because of this, the few among them to venture out of their ancestral home often find work as mercenary soldiers, assassins, and in recent years, as bodyguards for Harkad royalty.

Very little is else is known about their doings in their own lands, in part because it is difficult to enter Tekoa without drawing their notice, and perilous to try. There is, however, an old legend which purports that the Stone Prophets first attempted to land on the shores of Tekoa and could not overcome their primal ferocity, but those Tachmonites who travel beyond its borders only laugh when asked about this.